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Martinus konkret 2017
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Letter of Appreciation of the donation of 10 computers to Shambyu Combined School

Dear Mrs. Hertzog

To the school management of M.G.L. school, teachers, students and all stakeholders in the school partnership with Shambyu Combined School, we convey our warm hearted greetings.

We are writing to express our deepest thanks for your recent donation to Shambyu combined school; your generous gifts of computers provide moral support needed to continue our mission.

With your faithful financial and moral contributions over the years, you’ve demonstrated your deep commitment to our work of empowering the Namibian child with quality education and upgrading ITC.

Your support has repeatedly played a key role in our success in recent accomplishment of quality education in third world countries.

There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty. We, at Shambyu Combined School continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of good Samaritans like yourself who answer the call to give again and again. We are asking God to bless your country to have peace and prosperity.

We also would like to extend our gratitude to Mrs. Claudia Hertzog and your team including Mrs. Rita Kurt (as the main connector) for the roles played between the two school partnerships.

Now that we are having enough computers, it will be easy for our students to communicate to each other.

It is our hope that this huge gift of computers will help to communicate our very big thanks for your generosity. We look forward to a continuing partnership with you.


Mrs. Kalomoh Emilie, School Principal